Compliant working solutions for contractors working ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ IR35.

  • FCSA-accredited Umbrella service
  • Limited Company accountancy
  • JSA’s toggle solution – Umbrella & PSC

With IR35 reforms coming up, we can help you get assessed fairly and set you up in a compliant working solution that maximises your take-home pay.

What's happening?

In April 2021, reforms to (off-payroll) IR35 in the private sector will be implemented. When the rules change, your end hirer (unless they’re small) will be responsible for assessing the status of your assignment – ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ IR35 – and issuing a Status Determination Statement to you and your agency, with your agency facing liability for any unpaid tax in the first instance.

You may already be aware of how your agency and end hirer plan to respond to the reforms, but if you’re not, starting the conversation now will help you get prepared. We’re here to help.

How will it affect you?

If you receive an ‘outside’ IR35 SDS, you may be able to continue working through your limited company. However, if your status changes to ‘inside’, you’ll need to review your working options as its likely you’ll have more tax to pay.

You’ll need to determine if your agency or end hirer is using a reliable, insurance backed assessment tool, like IR35 Complete by JSA, to ensure you’re working compliantly.

You may find that some end hirers decide it is too complicated to use PSCs altogether, regardless of the SDS outcome, and consider all contractors ‘inside’ IR35. If this happens, we can help you review your working options.

Our Compliant Solution: IR35 Complete

With IR35 Complete by JSA, we offer a range of solutions to keep you working in a way that suits you. Whether your assignment is ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ IR35, you can continue to enjoy the flexibility of contracting compliantly. 

Switch to Umbrella

If you’re ‘inside IR35’, it’s easy to switch to JSA Umbrella.

Work Compliantly Through Your PSC

We provide all the accountancy services you need to set up and work through your PSC compliantly.

Toggle Between Umbrella and PSC

Take on a mixture of ‘inside’ and ‘outside IR35’ assignments for one fixed-fee.

Your IR35 Assessment

If you want to find out where you stand before April 2021, we can help you complete a fair assessment.

As a contractor, the earlier you’re assessed for IR35 compliance, the more prepared you can be when the reforms come into place. We have years of experience in contractor compliance, so we can help you get assessed reliably and fairly.

After your assessment, if you find yourself ‘inside’ IR35 but want to continue working through your PSC, we can help you alter your contracts and working practices, so that you can continue to operate ‘outside’ IR35 as much as possible. Or, in scenarios where this isn’t feasible, we’ll set you up with out Umbrella toggle solution, providing you with the freedom to switch seamlessly between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ assignments.




Find out how your take-home pay compares between a imited company contract and Umbrella structure



Painless and jargon free

A big thanks to Darris Thomas for taking me through the process of creating a limited company and making it painless and jargon free. He was personable, knowledgeable and didn’t mind me asking noddy questions! Excellent customer service. Cheers Darris.

Tim Thomas

Highly competent

Hannah has been my personal accountant for a year and it’s been a real pleasure to work with her. Highly competent, supportive and extremely helpful.

Keep up the great work!

Bartosz Ludwig

Download our guide

If you are a contractor and would like to know more about how you could be affected by the upcoming off-payroll (IR35) reforms, please download our comprehensive guide, outlining where you’re liable and how we can help.




IR35 Complete from JSA enables agencies to manage assessment, engagement and risk throughout the workforce supply chain – with ease and transparency. Find out how we can help you.

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